Homeless Man awarded $100k

Yes, Matthew Chapman, a homeless man was awarded $100k when he located fugitives in a white van.  Sounds like something out of the movies especially if it comes from sunny Southern California, right?


Sorry to put a damper on things, but just how good is that good fortune? I would really like to think this man will make good use of that money just like thousand of us may already have designs on what we would do with it. But it’s not our money…it’s his. So, let’s put one of those reminders on one of our many ‘smart’ devices exactly one year from now and see what becomes of Mr. Matthew Chapman, the $100,000 homeless man.Yes, this is what movies are made of, good or not so good with a morbid twist. Don’t hold your breath.


Is the weather really changing?

Or am I imaginating things?  For my first morning break, I like to walk about campus. Seems to me each year the trees are blossoming earlier and the weather is getting warmer earlier as well.  Even the birds are chirping and squirrels are chasing each other. Mating season is earlier, colder, and wetter. Doesn’t seem to be much fun.


Luckily, the tree blossoms do not bother me, but many of my coworkers are sneezing up a storm. To the left of the light fixture is a sign in the middle of the lawn: Brown is the new Green. Really, is that so? Brown looks just fine to me.  Who is kidding who? Sure, this year the snow pack is thicker but what happens next year if we get another drought? What if it’s worse? Water becomes liquid gold. Just a matter of time before we go color blind.

In the beginning…

…if you care to matter, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be discussing topics relating to people socially speaking, to our planet – what we are doing to it and for it, and to profit – the driving forces to the daily decisions we make and how that effects the people in our planet.background_060907_08

Growing up in the Monterey area has it privileges, to which I’m eternally grateful for. As a baby boomer, I have noticed minute changes in our environment.  So when I was finalizing my bachelor’s at CSU Monterey Bay, I took a turn from Information Technology  and finished a MSBA in Global Social Sustainability from Colorado State.

Although a childhood fantasy started with a Peace Corp commercial to travel the world, help people and learn foreign languages, my personal kickstart began when Daryl Hannah drove to an awards ceremony promoting gasoline made from vegetable oil. I was shocked and intrigued. What started out as a simple paper turned into a team semester project and eventually propelled me right into Colorado State.

Now, back in California, I’m interested in following people, planet, and profit issues. Things that really matter. And what are those topics?  Please stay tuned and subscribe.  You’ll find out soon enough.