Is the weather really changing?

Or am I imaginating things?  For my first morning break, I like to walk about campus. Seems to me each year the trees are blossoming earlier and the weather is getting warmer earlier as well.  Even the birds are chirping and squirrels are chasing each other. Mating season is earlier, colder, and wetter. Doesn’t seem to be much fun.


Luckily, the tree blossoms do not bother me, but many of my coworkers are sneezing up a storm. To the left of the light fixture is a sign in the middle of the lawn: Brown is the new Green. Really, is that so? Brown looks just fine to me.  Who is kidding who? Sure, this year the snow pack is thicker but what happens next year if we get another drought? What if it’s worse? Water becomes liquid gold. Just a matter of time before we go color blind.